A garage is a space where vehicles can be parked. The space is covered and lockable. A garage can be located at or next to the owner’s home. Usually the garage is built against the house and one has access to the house through the garage. The garage is located in the owner’s home on the ground floor of drive-in-residence . The living space is situated on the first floor of these houses. The garage is often used to store a car, motorcycle and / or moped.

Garage box

The garage box is also common. This type of garage is a lockable parking space that is normally located in a parking garage or in a parking lot. The box can be bought or rented. At large apartment complexes , a separate space is regularly available in which there are garage boxes for the residents of the building. Here, vehicles, bicycles or other (job) items are stored.

Rent a garage

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Do you have to pay rent separately for a garage?

Sometimes the rent of a garage is optional, for example a garage box at an apartment complex. In this case, the rent must be paid separately. If the garage is part of the house, the rent will include the rent for the garage.

What is a reasonable rent for a garage box?
The rent depends on the location and size of the garage. A small garage of a few square meters can cost up to 50 euros per month. For larger garages you will soon pay 60 to 200 euros.