Gas water light

Gas, water and light (GWL) are the basic provisions of a rental home. The term GWL is also a collective term for suppliers of gas, water and light. Another word for light is electricity in this context. Of course, a tenant can not do without these facilities. Water is basic need number one, gas is needed for cooking and is regularly used for heating and electricity is indispensable for light and often also for heating.

Rental price including.

When renting a home GWL is often already included in the rent . However, it may also occur that the rental price is excluding GLW. This means that the tenant must also pay the costs for GWL in addition to the rent. It is therefore advisable to get well informed by the landlord about the costs of GWL. For example, a lessor may charge the costs for GWL under the heading of service costs . The agreements that the tenant makes with the landlord regarding the costs for GWL must be recorded in the rental contract. The landlord is legally obliged to split the rent into ‘ basic rent”and the contribution to’ service costs’. If the rent is exclusive GWL, you usually pay the costs directly to the energy company. It is important that the costs that the landlord charges for GWL are reasonable and that the costs are actually incurred. The landlord may not charge more costs that he / she has made. The landlord must therefore hand over an annual overview in which the incurred service costs are mentioned.

Annual settlement
If you rent from a landlady, the costs for GWL will be based on an estimate of your share in the consumption of this. If after the annual settlement it appears that you have paid too much costs, then you can of course reclaim the overpaid amount. An increase in the costs of GWL is only possible if the service costs are increased by the lessor or if it appears that the actual energy costs are considerably higher than the advance paid by you.