Household insurance

household effects

When taking out home contents insurance – which is advisable for everyone – it is of course very handy to know exactly what the contents contain. With contents are meant all movable items belonging to your household. These movable property can be removed without damage to the property. A kitchen or bathroom is therefore not covered by the contents. These cases are covered under home insurance. Household contents apply, for example, to banks, tables, sound system, TV, refrigerator, washing machine etc. There is a maximum amount that can be insured by means of household contents insurance. Do you have a lot of jewelry or special electronic equipment with a very high value, then it is wise to take out an additional insurance.

Insured for hazard

Taking out a household insurance policy means that the insurer pays an amount for damage due to unforeseen circumstances, such as:

Storm damage
The fire caused by, among other things, explosion or lightning strike
Water damage
Power failure
Damage due to precipitation
Damage by aircraft or by collision with the house.