Real estate tax

Real estate tax:

Real estate tax, in short, ozb, is a tax in the Netherlands that is levied by municipalities on owners and users of real estate . By real estate we mean the land and associated construction such as a building or house. Until 2006, a distinction was made between owner and user through owner tax and user tax. Now that difference only applies to buildings that are not used as dwellings, such as business premises. For houses, currently only owner tax is levied by the municipalities.

WOZ value:

The WOZ value of the property is the basis for the tax. WOZ stands for ‘Wet waardering immovable matters ‘. This basis is used for levying taxes by municipalities, the tax authorities and the water boards. The rate of property tax is calculated on the basis of a percentage of the WOZ value. This percentage is determined each year by the municipal council.

The OZB was introduced for the first time in the 1970s. Until 1991, the tax was claimed by the tax authorities. Since then, however, this has been transferred to the municipalities.